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Seattle detective arrested for identity theft

Aug 02, 2013 Dave King

Law enforcement officials are supposed to help protect consumers from identity theft, but, in Seattle, a police detective was recently arrested for this crime.

After an identity is stolen, one of the first lines of defense needs to be short term lenders and other financial institutions, as criminals often attempt to open lines of credit using the false names.

While the Seattle officer didn't get as far as doing any financial damage, it could have easily happened. The man was accused of creating a fake Facebook page in his ex-girlfriend's name.

By putting his former girlfriend's information on this social network, he was putting her at risk for further identity theft. According to the Better Business Bureau, sites like Facebook and Twitter can inadvertently aid thieves in stealing an identity.

All a criminal needs is some personal information to have enough data to open a line of credit. Data such as full names, home addresses, family members' names and employers shouldn't be shared.

When identity theft occurs, consumer credit scores can take a major hit. Those in need of financial assistance while repairing their scores can take advantage of short term lending.