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School district mulls partnering with state to recoup delinquent payments

Dec 03, 2012 Philip Burgess

Illinois is investigating new methods of debt collection in order to recoup the payments the state government is owed from citizens. Families who live in the Chicago neighborhood of Arlington Heights may be subject to a new partnership between the state comptroller and their local school district, The Chicago Tribune reports. The agreement would allow the state to recover money owed by students and parents by seizing their tax refunds. The policy change was approved at a recent board meeting. However, Associate Superintendent for Finance and Operations Debra Parenti told the newspaper the school district doesn't have a plan to implement the partnership yet, but is exploring the idea. The reasons for the lack of payment on the part of parents and students include economic difficulties as well as a special group who refuse to pay the fees on principle, Parenti explained. Other townships are considering utilizing the program offered by the state comptroller's office. Tinley Park has approved the first reading of the ordinance, which would allow the locality to submit unpaid utility bills, tickets and other debts to the comptroller, a separate article from the newspaper reports