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Save and be proactive when handling credit debt

Jul 16, 2012 Walt Wojciechowski

Managing consumer credit can be a difficult task, especially as rules and regulations for payments, interest rates and transfers become more complicated. In a recent article for the East Valley Tribune, Steve Bucci offers one reader some strategies for managing debt accumulated from balance transfers and credit line accounts. First, Bucci advises anyone opening a line of credit to put some money aside so that when it comes time to pay down their debt, the damage won't be so bad. Secondly, Bucci advises that when trying to pay down credit card debt, making only the minimum payments required will get lenders nowhere. Instead, consumers will want to consider paying the minimum regardless of any drops in this figure. "I want you to avoid accumulating a large debt load like this in the future," Bucci writes. "Save some money you don't have … Every raise, promotion, tax refund or windfall must be split 50/50 between you and your savings account. This is money you don't yet have, so you won't miss it." By saving money in a gradual way, consumers will be prepared to create a fund that will serve them well in case of rainy days or unexpected payments.