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Saab's unpaid debt investigated by Swedish authorities

Sep 15, 2011 Matt Roesly

One of the most well-known car brands to come out of Sweden is in hot water with authorities in the country after it failed to pay the money owed to creditors. Agence France-Presse reports that Swedish authorities have started a debt collection probe into Saab stemming a relatively small amount of debt, $58,000from different suppliers. Hans Ryberg, a representative of the Swedish Enforcement Administration,told the source that the government agency simply wanted to know if the firm or its parent company had the assets necessary to pay the money it owed. "It is not impossible that it has the money since (parent company) Swedish Automobile has conducted a new share offering," Ryberg said. "If we see that Saab does not have the means to pay its suppliers, they could ask a court that the company be declared bankrupt." Saab has been getting other bad news out of Sweden in recent days. According to the Wall Street Journal a Swedish court recently refused to grant protection from creditors, some of whom include labor unions whose members are owed money.