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Risk management executives to meet for Security Leaders Summit

Sep 15, 2011 Mike Garretson

Later this month, leaders from the finance and information security industries will gather in New York City for the Security Leaders Summit Northeast 2011. The summit will seek to address some of the leading concerns in the IT and financial technology markets. Financial regulations such as background screening, PCI compliance, Frank-Dodd Wall Street Reform Bill and the Credit CARD Act of 2009 will likely be topics of discussion. The meeting will also progress as world finance leaders struggle to deal with a stagnant U.S. economy that has been rife with poor consumer spending and business spending. Executive Alliance announced today the event's keynote speaker will be Anish Bhimani, managing director and chief information risk officer at JP Morgan Chase. "None of us have all the solutions on our own, which is why it's important to gather together and share best practices in addressing common problems," said Anish. "Programs such as the Security Leaders Summit are invaluable in providing a forum in which CISOs and other executives can learn from each other to collectively move our industry forward." JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon assailed the Basel III global banking regulations earlier this week, referring to them as "blatantly anti-American."