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Retailers aren't living up to consumers' expectations when it comes to mobile payments

Dec 22, 2012 Dave King

Retailers are increasingly making their outlets more accessible to consumers, updating their electronic payments options to include the mobile sphere.

A recent study from Mobiquity contends most of these brands are failing to meet consumer expectations for the channel, however. The top complaints among respondents concerned the slow loading times for applications and mobile websites, with 50 percent claiming smartphone apps were too slow and 65 percent saying the same of mobile websites.

Additionally, consumers found it hard to navigate retailers' mobile payments systems. Apps proved to be the most troublesome for smartphone users, with 35 percent citing difficulty. Furthermore, 32 percent experienced challenges finding what they needed on retailers' mobile websites.

"Because so much of customer loyalty is tied to the brand experience, it's key - especially during the holiday season where so much attention is being paid to mobile commerce - that retailers deliver the best possible mobile shopping experience and ensure the sale," the report stated.

However, retailers are also challenged by the lack of adoption by consumers. A separate survey from eDigitalResearch found many shoppers are unaware of mobile payments options.