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Restaurant patrons settling tabs with mobile payments

Dec 13, 2012 Dave King

Restaurant patrons settling tabs with mobile payments
Washington, D.C., is the latest metro area where paying a restaurant or bar tab can be done by making a payment by ACH card, prepaid debit or credit card from a smartphone.
 TabbedOut, which provides a mobile payment app aimed at point-of-sale (POS) transactions, is now available at 40 locations in the capital city's area, the company announced. Customers are able to open and pay their bill through mobile devices without requiring the restaurants to buy additional hardware. "Our integrations with major POS providers make it easy for mid-Atlantic region bars and restaurants to provide mobile payment to their patrons in a way that is simple, secure, easy to install and made specifically for the hospitality industry," stated TabbedOut president Alex Broeker. He said the platform isn't just about making payments. Merchants will be able to track their customers' buying preferences and make special offers to patrons through their devices. The deals can then be applied to the bills when customers are ready to pay. The Washington-based Clyde's Restaurant Group has 14 restaurants signed on to use TabbedOut. The company's director of operations, David Moran, told that having an easy and secure payment system in place for patrons adds to their restaurant experience. Nationwide, TabbedOut is servicing about 1,000 bars and restaurants with an app that is available for both iOS and Android devices, the website reports. TabbedOut Not Alone
Allowing customers to pay their bills from their smartphones is also growing among the fast food set. The Great American Chicken Corporation, a Los Angeles franchisee of 14 area Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell restaurants, has announced it will accept mobile payments through provider Kuapay. After customers place their food order, the cashier scans the Kuapay downloaded app on their phones. Once the bill is displayed on the mobile device, the buyers can tap their phone to approve the payment. Kuapay's platform, which can accept payments on Apple, BlackBerry and Android-powered devices, also includes coupons, reward cards and loyalty programs from merchants. NCR has also launched a mobile pay option through its Aloha POS system that allows restaurant patrons to choose a favorite item, place re-orders, browse their bill, alert a server and get their receipt emailed to them. Restaurant goers can access NCR Mobile Pay through a website or an app provided by the restaurant's server, and will be taken directly to their check on their mobile browser, the company announced.