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Prosecutor points out lagging identity theft prevention in Brooklyn

Sep 03, 2012 Dave King

Cybercrime has been of increasing concern in recent years, as hackers and other malicious forces steal identities through corporate databases and other information technology. Certain areas have fared better than others, though the truth remains that the nation loses an exorbitant amount of dollars each year to identity theft. Abe George, a candidate for Brooklyn, New York, District Attorney next year, recently wrote that the borough is not doing a good enough job at deterring identity theft in The Huffington Post. According to the author, Brooklyn has had trouble detecting and preventing cybercrime and identity theft, especially when compared to its neighbor, Manhattan. As George notes, though, Manhattan's District Attorney's office does have a $4.2 million cybercrime lab, putting it at an advantage. He goes on to explain that a major identity theft ring that included 28 people, all located in Brooklyn, was discovered by Manhattan officials, while Brooklyn's law enforcement was in the dark. Though prosecutors have increased efforts to prevent identity theft and put lawbreakers behind bars, businesses need to ensure their identity protection practices are up to snuff. This includes identity protection for both clients and staff members, as failure to do so could cost a company everything.