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Proper questioning during pre-employment background checks can weed out candidates

Jun 09, 2011 Matt Roesly

Particularly in this economy, with many consumers out of work and on the hunt for employment, it is essential that companies conduct pre-employment screenings to ensure they are filling open positions with the most qualified candidates possible. Although this may lengthen the hiring process, it can save a great deal of hassles in the future. When conducting screenings, it's important that for employers to first ask the proper questions of their candidates. Furthermore, they must also and then ensure the information they are provided with is truthful and accurate. Additionally, they should also ask the same questions for every interviewed position. "You should limit your questions to those necessary only to filling the role," The Northern Advocate advises. "An employer can ask about past employment experience and qualifications, criminal history and traffic offenses ... and health issues that could affect their ability to fulfill the requirements of the job." If an employee's answers or background check doesn't accurately line up, it may be a wise choice to double- or triple-check. With identity theft on the rise in the U.S., applicants may be unaware of any blemishes on their records.