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Prescreening tests for your business' online application

Aug 17, 2011 Matt Roesly

In an effort to reduce the amount of in-office paper work, many companies offer job applications online to create a more efficient process, MSN reports. By taking this one step further, some companies give a prescreening psychological exam to facilitate the process make things even swifter. Because a company may receive hundreds of applicants per week, they often have no choice but to read through an applicant's credentials one-by-one. However, with a prescreening exam, a company can ascertain if the potential employee has the basic skills necessary to work with them. Considering the primitive alternative, without a prescreening exam the application process would take hours longer, as each candidate would be assumed to be at the same level upon first impression. However, whereas if they are tested, the lesser candidates can be weeded out even before a sit-down. In the business world today, time is crucial, and every business company has the right and ability to find the right employee at a more manageable rate. A process that once may have taken a couple months to accomplish, can be boiled down reduced to a weeks or two with online applications and prescreening tests.