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Pre-employment background checks prove beneficial, but are decreasing

Jul 25, 2012 Philip Burgess

Background screenings during the hiring process can be useful and beneficial for companies, especially short term lending businesses that handle large amounts of money. These checks can alert employers to any red flags or risks that the individual can pose to the company. However, according to MSNBC, the use of background checks is declining, as the government has imposed regulations on how employers can conduct the screenings. Many managers utilize background checks as part of the employment process in order to find the most qualified applicant and the individual who would best perform the responsibilities. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently released a set of new rules pertaining to how companies can do screenings, which many experts believe is the reason for the decline. It is expected that the usage will increase as more business realize the advantages of background screenings and more changes are made to the policies, states the website. There are several background check products on the market which alert employers to any risks that a job applicant could pose to the company. For instance, Microbilt offers tools that use an adavanced screening process to search through criminal, employment, credit and education reports to determine if the individual has been convicted of any crime or has any activity which could be a potential danger to the company.