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PRBC Empowers Consumers to Take Control of Their Credit

Apr 26, 2016 Sean Albert, the leading source of nontraditional consumer credit scores and services, is pleased to announce new features designed to further empower customers to take firm control of their own credit scores. Most notably, now offers free, faster, automated account verification instantly.

In the U.S., an estimated 110 million consumers are considered underbanked and underserved. In most cases, these individuals have either poor credit or no viable credit scores at all, making it incredibly expensive or even impossible to secure a loan.

“For millions of Americans, getting credit is a struggle”, said PRBC Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Sean Albert. “At PRBC, we’re committed to making credit accessible and opening up opportunities to these individuals.”’s innovative platform provides nontraditional credit scoring that takes into account a diverse range of financial histories, such as utilities and rent payments. By telling the whole story, allows consumers to demonstrate their financial integrity in ways that traditional credit scores do not. Lenders can then use that information to gain a comprehensive view of their potential customers – including the 110 million underbanked Americans. This enables businesses to open their doors to individuals who would otherwise be excluded under the traditional credit model.

“Too many people are being held back by their traditional credit scores”, said Albert. “Whether you want to buy a car or qualify for a loan, PRBC’s nontraditional credit can put those financial dreams within your grasp.

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PRBC is the leading source for free nontraditional credit scores. The combination of and enables consumers to understand their own nontraditional credit score, then connect with lendors and creditors who accept these reports. By including data points that would otherwise be omitted with traditional scores, such as utilities bills and other monthly expenses, nontraditional credit provides a true credit history that tells the whole story.  Media Contact
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