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Possible elder abuse by employee highlights need for stricter background checks

Mar 05, 2011 Matt Roesly

A rehab facility for the elderly in Colorado is under scrutiny after two women showed signs of sexual abuse at the hands of a former worker.
 KUSA-TV reports that the Elms Haven Care and Rehabilitation Center in Thornton recently fired a male staff member after two victims, one in her 90s and another in her 80s, were found with blood in there underwear. Police launched an investigation after the incident took place. The care center's parent company, Sun Healthcare Group, said in a statement that it had done an extensive background check and would cooperate fully with the police investigation. "Our care center strictly enforces background screenings, to include a criminal background check on all candidates for employment serving in all positions, which was performed in this particular case," the company said in a statement, according to the source. There have been other disturbing cases that have highlighted the need for stricter background checks. WTVT reports that David Rojas, a youth coach in Florida, was arrested for child pornography-related crimes by police, and this has led many parents to call for stricter background checks.