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Pizza Hut franchisee implements fingerprint biometrics system

Jul 13, 2011 Brian Bradley

A total of 118 Pizza Hut locations in five states recently adopted fingerprint biometrics software as a way to improve their employee verification measures. Pizza Hut franchisee Rage, Incorporated - which operates locations in Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia - is leveraging the technology to reduce payroll fraud and decrease instances of unauthorized discounts. Specifically, the identity verification system is likely to put an end to the practice of buddy-punching - where employees use each other's ID codes to clock in fellow workers who are not actually present - as well as fraudulent discounts, overrides and voids. By eliminating the need for ID codes, employees are more accountable for their actions, which has led to a decrease in unauthorized deals. "(The ID authentication software) provided us with a fast and simple way to reduce inventory shrink and eliminate payroll fraud," said David Logsdon, management information system director at Rage. "This has led to improved revenues across all of our locations." Fingerprinting is also being used in recently passed background screening measures for driving privilege card applicants in Utah, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.