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PaySimple teams ups with CheckAlt to offer more electronic transactions to small firms

Mar 21, 2013 Dave King

A partnership that will allow small and mid-size businesses to receive payments through ACH cards and other electronic transactions has been formed between PaySimple and CheckAlt.

CheckAlt, a payment processing firm, will work with cloud-based PaySimple to create a seamless system that accelerates payments to small companies from both desktops and mobile devices. It will include PaySimple's customer management and customized payment tools.

"We know from our experience at CheckAlt that companies appreciate the competitive benefits of our echeck receivables solution," said Shai Stern, CEO of CheckAlt, "and pairing that with PaySimple's suite of payments and business management tools will be of tremendous service to the small and mid-size companies we are focused on."

For small businesses using the new service, there will be little delay in receiving electronic funds, which is expected to improve their cash flow.

CheckAlt represents a wide range of financial companies that include echeck and check-cashing services, credit unions, banks, insurance companies, utility providers and municipalities.

PaySimple's mobile card readers allow individuals and businesses to make payments from their smartphones and tablets and provide real-time performance reports and automated billing among its services.