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Short term loans shouldn''t harm security clearance

Feb 02, 2011 Todd Milner

Federal employees shouldn't fret if they have recently sought the help of a short term lender. Their financial profiles - and their security clearances - will likely not be compromised, writes Federal News Radio. Federal workers have their personal financial health reviewed in different ways by a number of agencies, including components of the Department of Homeland Security such as ICE, the TSA and the FBI. Those who are found to be in "financial distress" are often seen as security risks, says the Government Accountability Office. But luckily, seeking a short term loan or other line of nontraditional credit does not qualify as distress in the eyes of the government, as it shouldn't. Many Americans have sought out short term loans to help cover financial emergencies and necessary bills. The need for these short-term loans increased as the economic crisis made making ends meet a little more difficult for a majority of residents. In fact, the short term loan industry in the U.S. is estimated to be worth $40 billion per year. Now, federal employees no longer have to worry about seeking short-term loans to support their families.