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Short term loans offer weekend approvals

Jan 31, 2011 Todd Milner

Economic emergencies don't know a thing about the work week. They can crop up at any time of day - sometimes on weekends when most financial institutions are closed. But many short term loan stores offer financing approvals on weekends, helping consumers make necessary payments. Some short term lenders even offer the ability for customers to apply for a loan 24 hours a day, either online or in person, and gain approval at all hours of the day. "Short term loans have become a popular way for people to gain access to cash quickly. Therefore, in order to ensure that borrowers are able to get the financial support they need, being able to provide near-instant decisions is hugely important," explains the website Benzinga. The surge in short term loan applications, particularly due to the struggling economy, has caused the industry to find better ways to improve its services. If people need funding on weekends, the funding must be available on weekends. Other financial institutions are expanding their hours as well. Banks were traditionally known as institutions with strict hours. However, the industry is also expanding to fit customer needs. Many now offer online banking, mobile banking, longer hours and weekend availability.