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Short term loans may start moving online

Oct 04, 2012 Quinn Thomas

More short term lenders are supplementing their services with online applications and processing in order to expedite the process and produce lower turnaround rates. Short term loans can sometimes be a necessity for borrowers that find themselves in a financial bind. By moving to a more automated approval and lending process, consumers are able to find out information about the loans with greater ease and the cost of processing drops for providers. With greater competition and more automation within the market, short term lenders are able to provide loans without traditional processing feed, producing a greater return for lenders who are then able to expand their storefront locations. Many citizens find themselves with a cash shortage between paychecks, and being able to easily access information and submit paperwork for approval can be a major help to troubled workers. As online systems become more integrated into the loan process and help with loan distribution, expect more lenders to supplement their practice with an online application.