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Short term loans ease stress on Valentine''s Day

Jan 24, 2011 Todd Milner

What can a consumer do when he or she has the perfect Valentine's Day gift in mind but cash flow doesn't allow it? This season, Cupid could be coming to save the day in the form of short term loans. One company in particular, Cash Choice, is offering short term loans to help pay bills and other necessities to make room for a romantic and happy Valentine's Day. According to The Daily Rosetta, short term loan experts advise consumers to analyze all their finances leading up to the holiday. If a little extra funding is needed, they could "consider a short term loan for a peace of mind, as they can still pay the bills and meet the expectations of their special someone." This way, the bills get paid and the holiday can be as extravagant and romantic as a borrower dreams it will. Although it may not have the costly price tag associated with Christmas shopping, many people spend a significant amount of money on their loved ones for Valentine's Day, says PR Wall Street. The holiday used to be synonymous with cards and chocolate, but has increasingly involved more expensive gifts.