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Short term lenders given a break in Missouri

Apr 13, 2012 Philip Burgess

It is not unusual that people who get paid bi-weekly or monthly struggle to make ends meet during weeks with no income. Expenses can pile up, bills can go overdue and emergencies can financially cripple families. Short-term lending companies focusing on short term loans can be invaluable to individuals facing those obstacles. Short term lenders give loans based on the amount a citizen will be receiving for their next paycheck. In Missouri, there is a contingent of people who drew up an initiative to limit such borrowing. However, the proposal was struck down by Cole County Circuit Judge Dan Green based on faulty wording, ineffective fiscal analysis and the legality of signatures, The Associated Press reported. Because the title of the proposed bill, the Short term Loan Initiative, gives no indication on whether it supports the borrowing habits or not, Green wrote in his judgment that it's "likely to deceive petition signers and voters" into thinking it promotes short term loans. Additionally, he noted that the analysis of the costs of title and short term lenders cited by the initiative does not take into consideration any of the other lenders that would be affected by the bill. "This is an important step in the effort to protect safe and affordable credit options in Missouri," said president and CEO of Stand Up Missouri Tom Hudgins.