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Short term lenders fight on despite naysayers

Jan 31, 2011 Todd Milner

Short term lenders across the country are uniting under a common theme. Don't let "the man" bring you down. The man in this old adage would be the local, state and federal governments, which all seem to be fighting against the short term loan industry. However, according to the Chicago Independent Press, short term lenders are trying to stay afloat despite all the naysayers. Millions of Americans rely on this quick form of nontraditional credit to make ends meet in an emergency. "I use short term loans because the mortgage gets pulled out before I have my paycheck," explains Andrea Johnson, a customer service rep in Chicago, to the news source. "My husband and I can't get our paychecks in the bank at the same time. I have the money, just not at once. I'll take a short term loan and pay it back within a week. I don't pay much on top of that and my credit stays intact." Despite this lifeline, short term lenders have garnered criticism because of their seemingly high interest rates. On a $100 loan, fees usually amount to $15 to $35 for the consumer. On the surface, this interest rate is astronomical compared to loans from other financial institutions. However, short term loans are quick lines of credit that are often paid back within two weeks.