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PayAnywhere teams with school groups to offer mobile payments option

Mar 22, 2013 Dave King

Parents who go to their children's local school for a fundraiser won't have to search their pockets for cash if the school is a member of PTO Today, a company that provides services to parent-teacher groups around the country.

The firm is partnering with PayAnywhere to add mobile payment options at school events run by more than 83,000 parent teacher groups. Tickets to fundraisers, bids at school auctions and dues payments will now be able to be paid with credit, debit or prepaid ACH cards through smartphones and tablets.

"People are carrying less cash these days, but that doesn't mean parent groups have to miss out on making a sale, receiving a donation or collecting dues on time," Gene Schenberg, vice president of sales at PayAnywhere, told MobilePaymentsToday.

The school groups will not be charged fees to set up the service or be required to pay monthly rates to use the service. In addition, PayAnywhere costs a fairly low 2.69 percent on all swiped transactions.

PTO Today founder Tim Sullivan told the news source that he anticipates allowing mobile payments will result in quicker order fulfillment, less paperwork and the convenience of making a purchase or payment on the go.