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Pawn shops offer viable alternative finance solutions

Jul 05, 2012 Sean Albert

Many Americans are struggling to pay bills and make necessary purchases, and some look to local pawn shops for help in obtaining much-needed money to make ends meet. Many pawn shops across the country have experienced an increase in customers and business, as they are able to offer alternative finance options for individuals., a company launched by Georgia Title Loan and Online Pawn Shop, recently reported that it has had to double its staff due to the business' success. Director of Processing and Logistics Andy Anderson said the mission of the company is to provide alternative lending solutions to consumers who otherwise have a difficult time obtaining loans. He says's recent growth shows that more individuals are turning to pawn shops to access money. "We know we're moving in the right direction when you consider the facts that we are helping U.S. citizens with bad or no credit obtain fast cash without credit checks," Anderson stated. The Hattiesburg American reports that another pawn shop has seen a rise in operations. Brian's Gun and Pawn in Mississippi is welcoming more customers who are bringing in various items to pawn, from televisions to jewelry and even toilets. Owner Brian Evans says this increase highlights individuals' need for easier access to credit.