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Pawn shops look to databases to help police catch thieves

Sep 07, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Pawn shops are starting to realize the role they play in aiding police departments by providing valuable information about stolen goods. While these companies mainly offer short term lending solutions to area consumers, they are also helping to catch thieves who attempt to pawn items that have been taken from homes. The Frederick News-Post reports that pawn shops in Maryland use databases to log and store information about goods that are brought, along with the seller's name, address and other details. The state passed a law in 2010, which created the Regional Automated Property Information Database that is used by the businesses and police departments throughout Maryland. Pawn shops are required to enter descriptions and serial numbers of goods, as well as the name and driver's license information of sellers. Authorities have said that the technology has helped to cut down on the number of thefts in the state. Pawn shops in North Carolina are also taking advantage of databases to aid police in decreasing home robberies, reports NBC17. These forms of technology allow authorities to quickly track and capture thieves who attempt to sell stolen goods.