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Pawn shops call for amendment to city law

Aug 01, 2012 Sean Albert

Most laws that require pawn shops to report items and seller information are created in order to protect local residents from theft. Pawn shops are largely happy to comply with the regulations, as these businesses want to help consumers. However, there are sometimes issues with proposed bills and pawn shops voice their opinions in order to protect their business. The Albany Times Union reports that a piece of legislation has been put forth before the Albany County Executive's Office, which will require any business that sells jewelry to obtain a license, as well as record and report every jewelry sale to the local police department. The Albany County Dealers Association says it would like an amendment to the law, with some pawn shop owners stating parts of the bill are an invasion of privacy and that the proposed legislation is too broad in its definition of jewelry dealers. Area owners say they will comply with the law, but they are also trying to look out for their businesses and consumers selling items, writes the news source. The Daily Mail reports that another potential law in Greene County, New York, aims to decrease the amount of stolen goods pawned to shops and catch thieves. Businesses will be required to hold items for 10 days and report purchases and sales to local authorities.