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Pawn shop databases help local authorities

Sep 03, 2012 Sean Albert

Pawn shops aim to help their local communities by providing short term lending options for consumers. With the emergence of recent technologies, these businesses are also able to help area police departments catch thieves who attempt to sell stolen goods. According to The Lowell Sun, police in Acton, Massachusetts, were able to track down Julie Eldred, who is accused of breaking and entering into a home after items were stolen from an area residence. Descriptions of the stolen property were provided to police, who worked with local pawn shops to research databases that contained information about items brought in to be pawned. When they matched the descriptions, police were able to get Eldred's contact information and then obtain search and arrest warrants, states the news source. The state of California recently signed a law that will allow police to research databases kept by pawn shops, reports Government Technology. Businesses will be required to maintain online databases that contain the information of goods brought in. Lawmakers are hoping that the law will help reduce the number of thefts and allow police to catch thieves more quickly, writes the website.