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Pawn shop databases can help to prevent thefts

Aug 29, 2012 Sean Albert

Pawn shops serve as a resource for local consumers to obtain short term lending solutions. However, these businesses can sometimes be used by thieves who attempt to illegally sell stolen goods from area homes and businesses. Databases are proving to be a valuable tool for shops and authorities by helping to catch the thieves. Government Technology reports that the state of California has recently enacted a law that grants police departments access to databases used by pawn shops to log seller and product information. Businesses will be able to save money with the technology, as paper logs will no longer be required. State officials are hoping police will be able to quickly find and arrest the individuals who stole the items. The California Pawnbrokers Association fully supported the bill and stated it will comply with all regulations. Authorities in Cobb County, Georgia, are hoping to pass an ordinance that would reduce the amount of thefts in the region by requiring pawn shops to collect more information from customers who want to sell items, writes WSB Radio. County commissioners will soon vote on a policy that would force businesses to implement a database to store the seller's name and fingerprints as well as photos of the individual and goods being sold.