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Online banking continues to spread

Sep 11, 2012 Dave King

Online banking has been among the most rapidly growing trends across the world, as very few demographics and regions have yet to adopt the technology and practices. Through improved efficiency and more transparency, online and mobile banking have reached even the most evasive group - the underbanked. The Business Recorder recently explained that much of this changeover, at least from the perspective of the bank, has been caused by a desire to separate from a reliance on paper banking processes, such as checks. Not only do many financial institutions view this as inefficient, they perceive the outcomes as potentially explosive. According to the news provider, financial institutions should always focus on offering new, convenient and reasonably priced online banking products. Further, the source notes that the heads of banks still have a long road to travel to expand all processes and operations into an electronic world. Between ACH cards and wire transactions, security has been a question for most experts, lawmakers and advocates of a paperless banking world. However, many financial institutions are beginning to think that online banking has the potential to be even more secure than traditional models.