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Oklahoma entrepreneur re-launches debt collection career

Mar 08, 2011 Kyle Duncan

A former billionaire, whose prior company collapsed in 1999, recently relaunched his career with a brand-new debt collection company.
 The Oklahoman reports that Bill Bartmann, who once ran the now-defunct Commercial Financial Services, stated that he was back in business launching the Tulsa-based CFS II. Bartmann's former company fell apart after many alleged that improper accounting practices had taken place. The co-founder of the first company, Jay Jones, was convicted and is currently serving time for fraud related to the old company. Bartmann said that he had learned from his mistakes and looked forward to creating a more successful debt collection business. "This time around, I’m avoiding that. I have no business partner," said Bartmann in an interview with the paper."We would like nothing more than to hire back some really great employees so we can do this a second time with a different ending." Bartmann has been a well-known figure in the debt collection world for some time. He is the author of the "Billionaire Secrets to Success," which was published in 2005 by Brown Books Publishing Group.