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'Obamacare' could create identity theft risk

Sep 28, 2013 Dave King

Healthcare reform has been a major topic of conversation in Washington since President Barack Obama signed it into law, and it appears as though the new concern is identity theft.

Soon, workers will span the country to enroll Americans in the new health insurance exchanges. The House Oversight Committee recently released a report that said this could create risk of identity theft.

The biggest concern is scam artists, who may pose as the federal workers in an attempt to get a hold of personal information.

With so many other identity theft risks present in the world today, Americans don't need another to be worried about. To ensure sensitive information isn't stolen, people should be vigilant when delaying with the Obamacare workers.

One of the major fallouts of this type of crime is damage to consumer credit scores. Consumer law attorney Robert Brennan told that criminals generally damage scores by opening accounts and not making payments. While this can be resolved in the long run, there is no guarantee that credit ratings will fully recover.