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New tablet rumored to have NFC chip

Sep 03, 2012 Dave King

New devices continue to hit the marketplace, helping consumers make payments with better efficiency and, eventually, better security. Additionally, new offerings have helped small and medium-sized business owners expand their payment processing capabilities, while increasing the speed with which they can make payments, through advancements like ACH cards. Apple has been in the news a lot lately, as rumors surround its newest lines of iPhone, iPad and iPod models. After a report last week that the next-generation iPhone will have near field communication (NFC) technology incorporated, iSource reports that the tech giant is also releasing a new iPad, which is much smaller than the first iteration. The new iPad - currently named the iPad Nano - is expected to have NFC technology as well, making the device a viable candidate to make purchases through associated systems at merchants' point-of-sale platforms. This further strengthens the idea that tablets will overtake computers, as well as the assertion that mobile payments will overshadow all other forms. Though the United States has lagged behind in EMV chip deployment - which accounts for most cards in Europe - the nation has been ahead in rates of mobile payments among the marketplace.