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New South Carolina legislation makes photo IDs a voter requirement

May 27, 2011 Brian Bradley

In a bid to deter election fraud, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley recently signed a bill that would require voters to produce photo identity verification in order to cast their ballots. "If you can show pictures to buy Sudafed, if you can show a picture to get on an airplane, you should be able to show a picture to make sure we do what is incredibly inherent in our freedoms, and that's the ability to vote," said Haley at the bill signing. The new law requires voters to show a driver's license, DMV ID, passport or military ID. Voter registration cards that include a photo are also set to be introduced. According to The State newspaper, more than 178,000 voters do not have a driver's license or DMV photo ID - the equivalent of 7 percent of the population. In four counties, this exceeds 10 percent. Blogger C.G.P. Grey, who recently calculated the percentage of passport holders per state using census data and issuance rates, determined that more than two-thirds of South Carolina residents do not hold a passport.