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New software increases security for ecommerce industry

Aug 02, 2011 Brian Bradley

In just six months in 2008, 3.3 percent of households had at least one victim of identity theft, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. 3DCart, which provides identity verification services, announced a partnership with IDology, to offer their clients an even more efficient identity theft program. Brandon Brown, CMO of MerlinCryption, said that by integrating IDology's technology into his company's software, they have assured stability within the framework of their organization. "Having identity verification integrated into our shopping cart speeds up our processing rates since we don’t have to manually review transactions to be sure they are from legitimate people," he said. "These two solutions are a natural fit and were so easy to integrate. Plus we have more confidence that we are not selling our technology to bad guys, such as known terrorists on the OFAC list or an identity thief." Jimmy Rodriguez, chief technology officer of 3DCart, emphasized that the process of securing a company's foundation and avoiding fraud is now made easier by the merging of the two companies.