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New Jersey DMV introduces new ID

May 21, 2011 Brian Bradley

Officials in New Jersey recently introduced a brand-new driver's license to improve the ID verification process in a technologically advanced way. The new Enhanced Digital Driver License is was introduced at media events in Trenton and Newark, and features more than 25 "covert and overt" components that seek to reduce the instances of fraud and ID misuse. The chairman and chief administrator of the Motor Vehicle Commission in New Jersey, Raymond P. Martinez, said that the new cards used advanced methods to improve security. "The driver license is no longer a simple card that proves you are legally entitled to operate a motor vehicle," said Martinez in a statement. "It is now the primary source of identification for most Americans and a source document used for so many other pieces of identification." Other DMVs in the United States have been stepping up security efforts. The New York DMV recently announced that it would be requiring bus drivers in the state to have their fingerprints scanned electronically and go through a background screening