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Nevada state controller earns more collecting power

Aug 13, 2011 Mike Garretson

The Nevada Association of Counties recently took legislative action to centralize the state's debt collection process by increasing the recoupment responsibilities of Controller Kim Wallin. Wallin told the news source that the state was collecting just 4 percent of past due debt when she took office. That number has since risen to 28 percent. At her disposal is a new electronic system that can match a person or business owing money to a bank account. After debt is proven and verified, she won't need a court order to deduct money from a delinquent account. Furthermore, Wallin can withhold payment to a state contractor who owes the government money, file liens to recoup money owed and contract with cities, counties and other local entities to act as their personal debt collector. If Wallin's office doesn't do a sufficient job at debt collection, however, the missing funds will be turned over to an actual collection agency. The Lahontan Valley News noted that Wallin recently refused to withhold county money that's been mounting over the past three years as a result of costs incurred prior to the Indigent Accident Fund, when counties were getting sued to cover the costs of indigent treatment.