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Need a Great Consumer Reporting Company? Microbilt Made the List!

Feb 11, 2020 MicroBilt News

Need a Great Consumer Reporting Company? Microbilt Made the List!

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) -- part of the United States government -- recently mentioned Microbilt as a consumer reporting company on its list of companies to contact for specific types of reporting. Specifically, Microbilt was listed for its ability to provide bill payment and credit information, along with employment, property records, bank account, and court judgments for sub-prime and low-income consumers. Name and address information for these consumers was also listed as available through the company, to businesses that provide rent-to-own and short-term retail, consumer, and auto financing.


Why CFPB Recognition Matters

The CFPB is responsible for protecting consumers when it comes to the financial sector. As such, the CFPB only provides information for companies that have been properly vetted and can be trusted with consumer information. It looks for fair treatment, quality data, safe and secure practices, and the ability to perform the job of consumer reporting to a high standard. Microbilt is proud to have made the list of consumer reporting companies that the CFPB trusts. Since its creation in 2010, the CFPB has been actively focused on curtailing abusive practices for debt collection and reforming mortgage lending. 

The agency has also focused on investigating complaints from consumers related to unfair financial practices. It is easy to see that this agency is serious about fair treatment for all consumers and the protection of their credit and financial information. Microbilt shares the same high level of dedication to treating consumers fairly and making sure that any data provided to companies about those consumers is accurate and properly protected. By treating consumers and businesses with respect and value, Microbilt has risen through the ranks of consumer reporting agencies to be recognized by the CFPB for its quality and practices. 


What Does Microbilt Offer?

Microbilt has been helping businesses with risk assessment and management for more than four decades. They pioneered the alternative credit data space, and have been building on that reputation since the very beginning. As a registered consumer credit reporting agency that now made the approved list of the CFPB, its products and data meet extremely high standards for quality, security, and accuracy. Federal regulations mandate that level of value from all companies that they add to their list. With best-in-class data and heavy investment in quality throughout the years, Microbilt offers unparalleled accuracy and prediction.


What Sets Microbilt Apart?

Fresh and accurate data means Microbilt is always providing the right information for companies to make good decisions in the collections, risk management, and leasing sectors. Microbilt focuses mainly on small and medium-sized businesses, as these are the companies that are often left out when it comes to data. The company has structured all its products to be the right size for smaller businesses, and products can also be customized to what an individual company wants or needs, as well. Needs-based or spending-based options are both available, and a single access portal makes getting products simple and easy.

For companies that work in debt collections or loan originations, Microbilt's data offers quality and value. Additionally, there are many other uses for the data the company stores, including screenings for potential tenants or new hires, planning for business growth, and keeping up with regulations and requirements. Partnering with Microbilt provides information and insight needed to protect a growing business, with a focus on smooth operations and a strong bottom line.