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Mozilla unveils master authentication login system

Jul 21, 2011 Brian Bradley

Mozilla recently released a prototype for its universal password technology that eliminates the need to enter multiple IDs and passwords to log into different websites. According to Tech 2, Mozilla's BrowserID system doesn't require a password, but rather uses email addresses for identity verification. When users sign up for the program, they choose one password that can be utilized on all of the sites they frequent that require identity authentication and support the technology. Techland notes that instead of logging in with a different username and password, the option to "Log in with BrowserID" becomes available, streamlining the sign-in process. The news source adds that there are already competing services on the market - including Facebook's - and it typically takes ample amounts of time for universal ID services to spread. Tech 2 points out that the software is secure and doesn't leak any login data to servers. Plus, identity authentication occurs in isolation, with no connections with a third party needed, the blog reports.