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Most accounts receivable firms saw improved performance in 2012

Dec 06, 2012 Philip Burgess

An informal poll of accounts receivable management (ARM) companies found that most businesses in the field are doing better now than they had expected when 2012 began. InsideARM reports that nearly 60 percent of ARM businesses say they exceeded their performance expectations, or at least met them, through the year. Within that group, 32 of the respondents said debt collection picked up more than the companies projected when they began 2012. More than six percent characterized their performance as "much better." About 21 percent of the surveyed companies said their performances were in line with what they felt 2012 would entail. However, not all were happy with how the industry has fared this year. About 40 percent turned out to be worse business-wise, although more than half of the respondents characterized the year's work as only a little worse than had been forecast. An improving economy and greater consumer confidence is likely to turn around that outlook. InsideArm stated the benchmark that ARM companies began with at the start of the year was depressed as the recovery lagged. Their projections were made in late 2011 when national umemployment was around nine percent and consumer credit accounts were at a low point, the website noted.