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More background checks deployed in U.S. firms

Sep 03, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Businesses have increasingly started screening employees in recent years, while many pieces of legislation have been rolled out to protect the rights of potential staff members. Regardless of what industry the company conducts business in, background checks are critical to ensuring the prolonged success of a firm. Finance and Commerce recently reported that background checks aren't only growing in popularity among U.S. firms, they're also becoming more comprehensive. This is marked by additional questions and requests for information pertaining to parts of an applicant's history that, at one time, would not be viewed as appropriate. "They’ve definitely become more common," Tim Landsberger, a member of one background screening company, told the source. "As the resources available have become more widely known to business owners - not to mention the risk of not doing them - the use of background checks has increased." Business owners and hiring managers need to ensure they are staying within several guidelines to avoid backlash from background screening of employees. It is often best to seek out guidance when not comfortable with the standard procedures involved.