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Mobile payments implemented for Louisville parking

Nov 19, 2013 Dave King

Parking is a nightmare in cities across the country, but Louisville, Ky., recently took a step to make paying more convenient. According to Mobile Payments Today, the city recently partnered with PassPortParking to make it possible for motorists to pay for parking with their mobile devices.

The service will begin Nov. 18 at downtown surface parking lots and will then make its way to parking meters on the street. Businesses can participate in the program as well by offering discounts through the application for customers who visit stores.

"The bottom line is that the city will be able to enjoy significant cost savings while providing a better parking experience for our citizens," Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said in the official release.

Mobile payment systems leveraged for parking could be the future and can provide consumers with numerous benefits. For example, people will no longer have to search every crevice of their car to find change to pay a meter. Additionally, PassPortParking's application allows motorists to extend the time left on their meter without returning to their car.