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Mobile ecommerce strategies will be key to success

Feb 13, 2013 Dave King

Mobile ecommerce strategies will be key to success

Mobile ecommerce sales exploded in the past year, according to multiple reports. With smartphone and tablet popularity on the rise, mcommerce will likely become a regular shopping platform in the not-too-distant future. 

In a recent interview with, Mike Riegel, vice president of mobile and websphere at IBM, said that mobile electronic payments strategies will only succeed with a uniform effort across the company

"It's not a tech project, it's not a marketing project and it's not a cool project you can give to the interns," Riegel told the news source, adding that effective mobile strategies require a cross-business effort. 

Companies may want to pay attention to Riegel's advice, as a recent eMarketer report found that mobile commerce grew 81 percent year over year in 2012 to comprise 11 percent of all ecommerce sales in the United States. The study projected that mcommerce will account for 15 percent of the commerce market in 2013, before exploding to 27.2 percent in 2016.

Riegel said that in order to provide customers with a top-notch mobile experience, they will need to focus on developing these strategies first. He said that will mean more than simply mobilizing the online website.