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Missouri debt collection organization defends industry

Mar 03, 2011 Kyle Duncan

A Missouri-based debt collection organization recently responded to the state's attorney general after he unveiled a list of "top scams" for the year. In a statement, the Missouri Collectors Association said that it wanted to make sure that people understood that debt collection was a "legitimate, legal activity" and that its members were required by state and federal law to follow regulations. The agency said that it would be working with Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster to try to curb the number of scams and deceptive practices. "Missourians should not avoid debt collectors or dismiss being contacted as a scam without verifying it first," said Missouri Collectors Association president Roger Weiss. "We understand that consumer complaints are high and collectors are actively working to prevent, reduce and resolve them, but the vast majority of debt collection activity is legitimate. Attorney General Koster made headlines when he reported the top scams from 2010. In a statement, Koster said that his agency had received more than 2,200 complaints regarding improper practices by debt collectors, with people complaining of abusive tactics.