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Mississippi nonprofit wants short term lenders strictly regulated

Dec 30, 2010 Todd Milner

The Mississippi Center for Justice - a nonprofit, public advocacy group - is calling on state officials to renew stricter oversight guidelines for short term lenders. The nontraditional credit source provides cash upfront to its clients, but those individuals may suffer harsh interest penalties over the course of a year, the Hattiesburg American reports. The potential for backbreaking interest rates has received the majority of the center's attention. After a cap on short term loan interest was removed by the Mississippi State Legislature in 1998 - which capped interest at 36 percent - rates skyrocketed. Now, individuals who utilize short term lending could face interest rates up to 572 percent. "What they are trying to do hurts middle-income folks in Mississippi," said Jamie Fulmer, vice president of public affairs for Advanced America. "It limits their ability to access credit when they have a need. I would challenge anyone to find a more simpler transparent option.