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Millennials leading the way in alternative payment processing adoption

Sep 03, 2012 Sean Albert

Around the world, many research firms and major credit card companies have been conducting studies to see how viable a cashless society is in certain locales. While the United States continues on a torrid path of adoption - be it with ACH cards or near field communication (NFC) technology - other areas are setting the stage for a quicker change of the market landscape. MoneyLife recently reported that a Visa survey has shown 80 percent of Millennials from Asia, Russia and parts of the Middle East will be paying bills and doing their shopping online. Further, the source noted that almost three-quarters of respondents said they would be making payments using a phone. The younger generation represents an entirely new market for merchants to sell products to, making adoption of the applicable systems critical to remaining competitive. MoneyLife further explained that Gen-Y and Millennials will likely fuel the biggest change from traditional payment processing and toward new technologies. An important note here is that mobile and online payments opens up borders in many ways, allowing even small businesses to begin marketing and selling to individuals overseas. Merchants can use this technology to improve revenues and visibility.