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Michigan credit union offers vehicle purchasing options

Mar 23, 2011 Brian Bradley

A Michigan credit union is opening its doors to car purchasing, which will allow consumers to browse inventory and research options at financing and alternative credit lines. Michigan First Credit Union will soon introduce an online platform that provides consumers with access to current state plans while selecting from hundreds of inventory options. The credit union will partner with Zag, a company that provides private-label and mobile car buying programs. First Credit Union will be the first such source to partner with Zag on the co-branded online platform. "The Michigan First Member Showroom provides shoppers with a convenient alternative to the conventional car-buying process. Consumers can research, finance and purchase a car without making multiple trips to dealerships and financial institutions," said Linda Douglas, vice president of marketing for Michigan First Credit Union, in a statement. First Credit Union is offering an alternative buying source at a time when Michigan's automakers are showing significant growth. General Motors and Ford both announced that February was their fastest-growing month in more than a year and a half.