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Michigan city touts ACH payments as preferred method

Dec 01, 2012 Dave King

Local governments, faced with rising expenses and dwindling resources, are using technology that will meet their fiscal challenges and continue to meet the services needed by their citizens. Dearborn, Michigan is no exception. The Dearborn Press and Guide reported that in January, that city's Treasury Division will cut the number of cashiers who take city payments from local residents from six staffers to two. If they continued to take only cash, checks and credit cards, that may result in lines that would stretch outside the office doors. But the division is instead encouraging residents to sign up for a free account lined to the Treasury Division so they can use ACH cards that will deliver payments electronically from their accounts into city coffers. While residents may continue to pay by check in person or through the mail and online with a credit card, the city has touted the free ACH payments as the "preferred method" for municipal payments for such bills as special assessments, water bills and miscellaneous invoices. ACH cards and other non-bank related accounts have become increasingly popular because they are often free or low-cost compared to fees charged for traditional banking services. The city of Dearborn's website points out that paying through an ACH process is convenient, free and secure.