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Merritt Island projects go into foreclosure

Feb 03, 2011 Matt Roesly

An apartment complex in Merritt Island, Florida, meant to serve lower-income residents has fallen into foreclosure, according to Florida Today. The project, which was part of the Freedom Outpost Ministries, was overseen by pastor Jim Hage, who has taken up residence in the complex a signal of solidarity for the project and to help a number of the residents who are still living there. The complex came about after a $560,000 state grant that was designed to provide housing for poorer residents on the grounds that cost-of-living be kept below a certain percentage and background screening be conducted on all prospective and current residents. "Somebody's got to fix up the units and do the assessments and get this place back up and running," Hage told Florida Today. "Otherwise, everyone loses. Behind every one of these doors is a story. I've taken people out of the gutter and given them job training, helped them get their lives straightened out." Merritt Island has been a hot spot of activity lately, including a massive gas-fueled inferno and a fire at a family home that was accidentally set by a child playing with matches.