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Mental health-oriented affordable-housing complex focuses on background screenings

Jan 28, 2012 Matt Roesly

Any property owner or landlord that has recently opened their doors for potential tenants should ensure the safety of their complex and neighborhood with a detailed background screening approach. Regardless of the complex's location, whether in a wealthy, urban or rural area, implementing background checks of all potential candidates decreases the likelihood of any suspicious or unwanted tenants acquiring domain in the residence. For the Gallatin Valley Mental Health Center, which opened an affordable-housing community in Montana, the screening process is especially essential to the safety of the residents, both in-house and around the neighborhood, Bozeman, Montana-based KBZK 7 reports. The complex will offer housing to individuals with mental illnesses, and Gallatin Valley plans to implement background screenings on all potential tenants. "If you're lucky enough to be one of the people that gets a chance to live in there then it's a big opportunity to concentrate on your mental health issues," Daryl Coster, a potential tenant, told the news source. "The lower price in rent and the more economical heating and utility bills would really make a big difference for me."