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Medical debt highest for families with kids

May 08, 2012 Philip Burgess

Agents working for a debt recovery service may notice that the majority of people they must approach to settle overdue medical bills have children, as a recent Center of Disease Control report found that medical bills tend to pile up for families with children. The CDC's early release of Estimates from the National Health Interview Survey showed that children between 0 and 17 years of age are more likely to be in a family that has problems paying off medical debts than any other age bracket. Approximately 38.6 percent of children under 18 are in a household that experiences financial burdens due to such bills, while 13.4 percent of children reside in homes that are unable to pay any outstanding medical charge. American Medical News also revealed that California's Cassidy Medical Group noticed the trend that families with children are more likely to have to pay bills that are over 90 days past due. The source did note that many medical experts say that health insurance for children under 18 has improved in past years, but the recession has affected payments due to pay cuts and layoffs.