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Massachusetts community advocates background checks for public workers

Feb 16, 2011 Matt Roesly

Town officials in Middleboro, Massachusetts, want to ensure they are hiring qualified and trustworthy people into their ranks. That is why the town manager, Charles J. Cristello, is advocating for background screening for individuals under consideration for "sensitive" positions within the town's government, the Middleboro Enterprise reports. Cristello began campaigning for the measures after a prospective hire within the town's assessor's department was found to have a criminal record during background screening. Now, the town manager wants to see a similar practice mandated for more potential hires. "Certainly in a position like that one [the assessor’s office], where someone might be going into someone’s home, qualifies that position for [background screening]," Cristello told the Enterprise. "I would support them doing it." Yet, background checks aren't only being limited to those in the civilian side of town governments. The Daily Targum reports that police officers from neighboring towns who will join the New Brunswick (New Jersey) Police Department will also undergo screening. The measure was enacted to ensure the highest-quality officers, without a history of personal misconduct are joining the NBPD.